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Inventory management solutions from Lexian Solutions

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Lexian Solutions  provides services in the areas of evaluating cost and the impact of operations on service, quantifying supply chain effects in light of changes made, optimising delivery schedules and simulating changes to supply chain.

Lexian Solutions’ inventory management solutions help in planning inventory and maintaining a cost-efficient supply chain for businesses. With the help of web-enabled tools, the inventory management software provided by Lexian Solutions is capable of making advanced forecasts accurately. The tool is also equipped with an inventory risk assessment methodology to estimate risks associated with supply security for businesses.
Lexian Solutions also offers customer service scenario planning services and time phased requirements planning and deployment. Scheduling and optimisation services are also provided for the manufacturing and distribution sectors. In addition to sales and operations planning, Lexian Solutions provides supplier performance measurement services.

Lexian Solutions also designs and develops custom software aimed at strengthening the existing spreadsheets and databases of clients using custom macros. Lexian Solutions can optimise or simulate existing spreadsheets to bring about improvements. Lexian Solutions hosts applications and databases for centralised access and maintenance by customers.

Lexian Solutions also possesses expertise in event logistics management.

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