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Lifting equipment available from Lewis Automation

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The lifting and material handling equipment supplied by Lewis Automation  are suitable for effortlessly moving both small lightweight items and larger loads. The pneumatic balancers available from Lewis Automation allow moving load up and down like a hoist. The pneumatic balancer offered by Lewis Automation can also replace a spring balancer giving constant tension over a range of weight through the extent of vertical travel.

Lewis Automation also offers a wide range of rail and trolley systems along with various accessories including hangers, trolleys, swivels, hinges, etc. These rail systems are useful for building runway and bridge crane installations.

Lewis Automation’s "Intelift" range of pneumatic balancers has an integrated electronic control system. The Intelift pneumatic balancer is a versatile and flexible interface which allows a wide range of additional features and functions to be incorporated.

Lewis Automation’s arm systems available with hinge and articulation options facilitate better positional access. The arm system when used in conjunction with a balancer helps in gaining access for hoisting and transferring applications to locations that are difficult to access.

The spring balancers offered by Lewis Automation is suitable for tool suspension in assembly applications. The chain hoists available from Lewis Automation’s lifting equipment are suitable for simple lifting and lowering applications.

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