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Lewis Automation has been supplying pneumatic automation components for over 40 years. The product range includes grippers, grinders, pneumatic balancers, air movers, safety valves, actuators, pneumatic screwdrivers, tappers, vacuum units. Shock absorbers, spring balancers, cylinders, press feeders, swing clamps and other related equipment.


Supplier news
22/05/08 - The new Ross DM2 series pneumatic safety valves have dual valve elements for redundancy. They also incorporate built in dynamic monitoring and dynamic memory for full compliance with category 4 safety systems.
Supplier news
28/04/08 - The lifting and material handling equipment available from Lewis Automation are suitable for effortlessly moving both small lightweight items and larger loads.
Supplier news
23/04/08 - Lewis Automation is a premier supplier of a diverse range of pneumatic automation components in Australia.

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3/2 Stennett Rd
NSW 2565
Tel: 02 9618 5522
Fax: 02 9618 5055

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