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Levo Group  is a website and database development company in Australia. Levo Group has developed a website and booking engine for its client The Oaks Group of hotels and resorts. Customers can book for their accommodation online through this website.

The website of Data#3 is also being developed by Levo Group. Civil Contractors Federation (CCF), which is a representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia providing expertise and assistance for contract development and industry issues, also owns a website developed by the Levo Group. This website features membership application.

There is an accommodation booking engine developed by Levo Group for Saville Hotel Group. The website developed by Levo Group for Cage Security is a content management solutions (CMS) website. There is a Ferrari Laptop Interactive website developed by Levo Group for Acer.

Levo Group has also developed a CMS website for Entity Solutions. The website developed by Levo Group for Twin Shores is a CMS website integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) application. There are various websites and applications designed and developed by Levo Group, that delights and impresses the clients since these websites and applications contribute to the development of the clients’ organisations. The efficiency of the sales and business processes of the clients’ organisations are also improved.

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