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Mower manufacturer chooses demmeler fixturing tables from Leussink Enginnering

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article image Demmeler fixturing tables from Leussink Engineering

New Zealand based Trimax Mowing Systems has moved away from using standard steel work tables to assemble their mowers, and have instead adopted demmeler fixturing tables from Leussink Engineering .

Mr Keith Mabey, design technician at the company notes that general types of steel tables were producing variations in the tooling and component positioning of the mowers. On the contrary, demmeler fixturing tables ensure a high degree of accuracy and standardisation, so each mower is of the same high quality. 

“By sourcing the demmeler fixturing tables, we gained that higher accuracy and now use them for all tooling and several product manufacturing processes,” Mr Mabey explains. 

The company use the fixturing tables to fulfil many tasks, including quality checking production machines and inspecting methods of manufacture in a bid to increase product accuracy.

Demmeler fixturing tables have played a critical role in the company’s success. The tables have enabled Trimax Mowing Systems to continuously improve current products and create new ones that are on the cutting edge of mower technology.

Trimax is constantly widening its reach and expanding into global markets. The success of the company’s large X-WAM mower illustrates this, whereby it has only been on the market for one season and yet is already being used in turf farms around the globe.

The demmeler fixturing tables have been invaluable in reducing initial tooling costs, increasing accuracy and reducing the amount of space required for tooling.

Demmeler fixturing tables are suitable within any industry where accurate and rapid assembly methods are required, and wherever economic positioning, clamping, tacking and welding are necessary.  

Feautres of the demmeler fixturing table systems include:

  • A table with five sides
  • The table features a regular pattern of bores that are located across the top and around the sides
  • A range of sizes, from 1000mm × 1000mm through to 2000mm × 4000mm
  • A weld spray coating so welding spatter does not stick to the tables

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