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Modular fixturing tables from Leussink Engineering for welding accuracy and speed

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article image Leussink's demmeler fixturing table suits manufacurers and engineering companies

Leussink Engineering  presents a new range of modular fixturing and holding tables designed to provide greater welding accuracy while saving operator time, money and material. The modular design allows the use of CAD to create as well as document the fixture.  

Based in the industrial heartland of Wollongong, NSW, Leussink has joined up with Germany's demmeler Corporation to work on machine and fixture design, product manufacturing and welding technologies for a wide range of industries.  

The new demmeler modular clamping system is highly versatile, making it suitable for diverse applications including challenging weld jobs.  

demmeler modular clamping system
Typical demmeler modular clamping systems feature a five-sided table with a regular pattern of bores located across the top and around the sides. Measuring in size from 1000mm x 1000mm to 2000mm x 4000mm, the modular holding tables are coated with a weld spray to prevent wayward welding spatter from sticking to them.  

The modular fixturing tables also serve as the first in-process quality check for all the loose pieces.  

demmeler modular holding tables are suitable for use in any industry where accurate and rapid assembly methods are required and wherever economic positioning, clamping, tacking and welding are necessary.  

The modular tables are used for the manufacture of cars, farm machinery, defence products, containers, gates and handrails, mining equipment, food machines, building and construction materials, and even in the production and reworking of non-metallic parts made of wood, plastic or glass.  

Key features of the demmeler modular fixturing tables:   

  • Welds and/or assembles a wide variety of components to create a precise fixture
  • Where part size exceeds table surface, angles or extensions can be mounted to the sides to act as outriggers, extending the capacity
  • Any change in the fixture needed to compensate for weld pull can be made easily
  • CAD is used to create and document the fixture
  • Same modular parts can be used to produce the same fixtures for instant and accurate repeatability
  • Ensures faster welding with greater accuracy 
According to Leussink Director and design engineer Mr Jason Leussink, the demmeler table helps increase speed, accuracy and repeatability.  


The modular holding table orients the parts the right way. If the piece does not fit the fixture, adjustments will need to be made to make it work. When the part geometry is correct, data can be extracted from the modular fixture and given to the tool designers to photograph and document in CAD, and reproduce the part whenever it is needed.  

Mr Leussink explains that this is excellent for inventory purposes as the system uses the same modular parts to produce the same fixture, providing instant and accurate repeatability.  

The modular welding fixturing systems from Leussink enable workers to produce weldments faster and with more accuracy.

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