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Leussink’s demmeler fixturing table system used by commercial mower manufacturer for quality control

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article image Trimex uses a Leussink demmeler fixturing table to ensure quality control

A New Zealand-based commercial mower manufacturer is using a demmeler fixturing table system from Leussink Engineering to ensure more efficient quality control at the component level of its processes.

Trimax Mowing Systems has moved away from standard steel work tables to the Leussink demmeler fixturing table system for better output.

According to Design Technician Mr Keith Mabey, Trimax was previously using general types of steel tables that looked quite flat but in reality were causing variations in tooling and component positioning. The company sought a solution that would give them the accuracy and standardisation required to grow its markets.

Trimax was able to gain that higher accuracy by sourcing the demmeler fixturing tables, which are now used for all tooling and product manufacturing processes. Leussink’s demmeler fixturing tables add significant accuracy to Trimex’s tooling processes as well as production with their modular design providing usable flat surfaces and datums everywhere.

Key applications of demmeler fixturing tables at Trimax:

  • Building all the sub-frames when manufacturing the large 10.4m X-WAM mower to ensure accuracy without the need for dedicated tooling
  • Quality checking of production machines
  • Inspecting and developing methods of manufacture to increase the level of accuracy in finished products
Key features and benefits of demmeler fixturing tables:

  • Reduces initial tooling costs, increasing accuracy and reducing the amount of space required for tooling
  • Suitable for any industry where accurate and rapid assembly methods are required and wherever economic positioning, clamping, tacking and welding is necessary
  • Five-sided table with a regular pattern of bores located across the top and around the sides
  • Table sizes range from 1000mm x 1000mm to 2000mm x 4000mm
  • Weld spray coating on table prevents sticking of wayward welding spatter
  • Modular fixture also serves as the first in-process quality check for all loose pieces

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