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Entry level fixturing tables from Leussink Engineering

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article image EcoLine is the new entry level technology from Leussink
Leussink Engineering  introduces a scaled down version of its successful demmeler modular fixturing and clamping tables as an entry level option for companies to add to their manual processes.

The ecoLine incorporates several of the functionalities and design features of the original expertLine series and is available with a reduced warranty. ecoLine fixturing tables can be used with metals, wood, plastic or glass.

From general engineering and fabrication, and mine maintenance workshops to welding and jobbing shops and design teams, the entry level fixturing tables can be used in any application where components need to be secured for testing or manufacturing processes.

Leussink Director and Design Engineer, Mr Jason Leussink explains that the company always had strong expectations for the demmeler solution in Australia and New Zealand, but didn’t expect the demand to be so high. Due to the capital outlay involved with the expertLine, they expected the demmeler fixturing table solution to be primarily of interest to the top end workshops across the industry spectrum.

However, the fixturing table’s speed, accuracy and repeatability made the more modest workshops and fabrication shops see the advantages of integrating the solution in their processes, which required Leussink to develop a scaled back version to ensure affordability.

Compared to the expertLine, the entry-level ecoLine features more basic holes and slots as well as a limited set of fixtures and clamps. Its reduced warranties cover everything a business would expect covered at entry level.

Mr Leussink describes the ecoLine as a system suitable for companies that manufacture basic products and are focused on the bottom line. There is no difference in the table surface and functionality between the two types except that the upmarket expertLine is coated with rust preventer whereas the ecoLine is raw steel.

For entry level users, ecoLine takes many manual processes out of manufacturing and gives the user a brilliant level of modernisation. The model is also scalable to meet future requirements.

These modular holding tables can be used in the manufacture of cars, farm machinery, defence products, containers, gates and handrails, mining equipment, food machines, building and construction material and even in the production and reworking of non-metallic parts such as those made of wood, plastic or glass.
Key features of demmeler ecoLine fixturing tables:

  • 5-sided table with a regular pattern of bores located across the top and around the sides
  • Table sizes range from 1000mm x 200mm to 1500mm x 3000mm
  • Serves as the first in-process quality check for all of the loose pieces
  • Suitable for use in any industry where accurate and rapid assembly methods are required
  • Ideal for tasks involving economic positioning, clamping, tacking and welding
  • Welds or assembles a wide variety of components to create precise fixtures
  • Modular design allows angles or extensions to be mounted to the sides to act as outriggers to accommodate part sizes exceeding table surface

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