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Demmeler fixturing tables from Leussink Engineering for tight tolerances

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article image Leussink's demmeler table gives tight tolerances

Leussink Engineering  presents demmeler fixturing tables designed to provide tight tolerances in assembly, testing, fabrication and welding applications for Australian industry.    

According to Leussink Director, Mr Jason Leussink, the modular demmeler systems offer features, benefits and capabilities not found in conventional fixturing methods.  

Demmeler fixturing tables have been quickly adopted by industries such as discrete manufacturing, mining, machining, welding, steel fixing, building, construction, electronics and defence among others.  

Demmeler tables consist of a solid steel block-like work table designed to provide a sturdy platform for mounting weldments with a variety of angles, blocks and accessories.  

Made of heavily ribbed, high tensile, high strength steel, and machined to very tight tolerances to ensure stability and flatness, the work tables are designed for standalone operation or alternatively can be bolted together to accommodate larger work pieces.  

Key features of demmeler work tables:  

  • Grid pattern of 28mm mounting holes spaced on a 100mm grid across the face and four sides of the table
  • Sub plates with double-density grid pattern are available with grid spacing of 50mm x 50mm for mounting to the main tables if closer spacing is required
  • Assorted structural components and fixturing elements used to construct tools
  • Specialised positioning and clamping bolts mounted through the holes and slots, offering up to 3 tons of clamping force and resisting up to 25 tons of shear force
  • Two modular table versions: the D16 and D28
Mr Leussink explains that the modular demmeler fixturing systems are ideal for economical and precise positioning, clamping, tacking and welding of multi-piece components, eliminating the challenges of custom welding fixtures while saving significant shopfloor time and money.

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