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Printhead cleaners from Leonhard Kurz (Stamping Foils)

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Leonhard Kurz (Stamping Foils)  specialises in supplying hot stamping technology such as magnetic foils and holograms. Magnetic foils and holograms are used on a wide range of products such as packaging, greeting cards, electronic devices, household appliances, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, automotive parts, and numerous other items.

Magnetic foils and holograms, from Leonhard Kurz (Stamping Foils), provide effective and attractive brand name protection as well as increased security for businesses. In addition to supplying magnetic foils and holograms, Leonhard Kurz (Stamping Foils), also supplies an extensive range of stamping tools and machines.

Leonhard Kurz (Stamping Foils) provides expertise and logistical support to satisfy all the demands of effective, high-volume foil production and also offers customer support team to respond to the needs of customers. In conjunction with designer, printers and foil stamping professionals, Leonhard Kurz (Stamping Foils) assists in specialised or difficult applications.

CleanStart Printhead cleaner, from Leonhard Kurz (Stamping Foils), is a printhead cleaner that offers premium print quality. The printhead cleaner removes the debris before it builds up on the printhead, so that the images are clear, consistent and readable. The product is fast, safe and easy to use and offers excellent print quality.

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