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NSW forklift licenses need to be checked

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article image Check your NSW high risk work license
Lencrow Materials Handling  advises forklift operators to check their high risk work licenses or risk having them cancelled after the 31 December 2012 cut-off date.

Forklift operators who received their licenses before 1996 are at risk of the licences being cancelled if they don’t have an expiry date or if they have expired.

To meet national standards, a number of older high risk work licences will require conversion and renewal before 31 December 2012. These include licences issued before 1996, licences issued between 1996 and 2004 without an expiry date, and licences issued with an expiry date but not renewed within 12 months of expiring.

There are two ways to check the validity of a forklift licence:
  • Check whether it has a photo: Any licence without photographic identification will be void after this date
  • Check its expiry: If it does not have a date or has expired, it will be void after this date if it is not renewed
Failure to convert and renew the WorkCover NSW issued pre-1996, 1996-2004 or expired licence to a new high risk work licence before 31 December 2012 means that the existing licence will be cancelled and the operator will be required to undergo training by a registered training organisation and assessment by an accredited assessor before they can apply for a new high risk work licence.

Sean Casey, principal of Balance Training asks the thousands of NSW workers who hold high risk work licences to check their current forklift licences and renew them if required before 31 December to avoid cancellation.

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