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Lencrow's forklift mathematics

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Lencrow Materials Handling  explains the cost of forklift ownership beyond the price paid on the invoice.
The cost factor does not end with paying the invoice and accounting for finance and service costs. In many cases, the purchase is the least expensive part of forklift ownership.
Australia has always been a predominantly internal combustion (IC) forklift user while the electric units are high reach or used in the food industry. With the rising price of fuel, forklift owners must consider alternatives in the market.
The cost of running a 2500kg IC forklift works out to about $45,600 over five years for fuel alone at current fuel prices. The service and maintenance for an IC unit totals up to $10,020 at $1.67 per hour. The total cost to own and run the unit without any damage above maintenance for five years including the cost of the unit ($32,600) would be $88,220.
This has been a problem for the past decade in Europe with the price of fuel 40% higher than in Australia.
However, new electric forklifts in the market feature highly developed AC operating systems, performing similar to, if not better than IC units. Though electric forklifts cost more than IC units, they more than make up for it with ongoing savings on repairs and maintenance.
Key benefits of electric forklifts:

  • Extended running time delivers full shift operation without re-charging
  • Batteries come with options of single point watering and smart charger to maximise battery life
  • 28-32% cheaper in repairs and maintenance
  • Costs 40% less to own over five years
Though electric forklifts are suited only for some applications, companies can switch to these battery-operated machines to deliver better efficiencies resulting in a healthier bottom line as well as environment- and worker-friendly conditions.
Lencrow offers a free forklift site cost analysis as a part of their customer care program.

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