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Lencrow Group and EP Equipment jointly releases new pedestrian stacker

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article image ES 16A Pedestrian Stacker

Lencrow Group in conjunction with EP Equipment is releasing new pedestrian stacker into the Australian market.

The stacker has been produced to complement the already popular ES-14A.

The pedestrian stacker has a larger capacity and more robust mast. The new stacker has a capacity of 1600Kgs to 3000mm and a 1000Kgs to 4000mm. We also offer a 4500mm three stage mast.

The unit uses high quality German steel in mast assembly for smooth operation and long life. The programmable Cutis controller give smooth reliable operation that can be programmed to suit all operators needs.

The advantages of pedestrian units are the operator do not require licencing and with the smooth and light operating controls makes them suitable for all users.

The stacker’s wide set mast with twin lift cylinders allows operators high visibility making entering pallets much easier. The heavy-duty hydraulic power pack makes lifts loads to full capacity with ease.

Advanced Curtis controller gives smooth step-less acceleration and infinitely variable speed control this allows superior operator control the anti- rollback system delivers maximum power when required for up or down hill grades.

The unit comply with all Australian standards that include dead man breaking, safety revering button and emergency battery disconnect.

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