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Forklift manoeuvres in narrow spaces

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article image Right and left side are independently controlled.

TCM, represented in Australia by Lencrow Group , has released the Acroba J forklift. The left and right sides of the vehicle are independently controlled by two separate motors and guided by a central computer system.

The vehicle can perform pivotal turns off the centre of the front drive axle. This allows the forklift to maneouvre in narrow spaces. The independent motors also result in less noise, less vibration and better traction on wet and slippery surfaces. If one side of the truck looses traction, it will not affect the other side.

At full lock the 1.5 ton battery-powered forklift can achieve an outside turning radius of 1.6m. The batteries have a total operating time of up to 8.5 hours per charge in economy mode. This avoids the need to replace or recharge the batteries during a shift. The battery compartment is also easy to access and does not require the vehicle to be hoisted by a crane to replace the batteries. The ac drive motors require no brushes or contactors.

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