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Carer range of electric forklifts

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The Carer range of electric forklifts is available across Australia through the Lencrow Group. Carer design and build forklifts from 1 to 25 tonne. These units all employ new electronic technology, giving the units exceptional duty cycles and low operational cost.

These units are suited to replace units that were traditionally covered by internal combustion units.

Unlike several forklift manufacturers, Carer builds units to uniquely suite a customer’s application. This is not limited to the capacity. The engineers at Carer match battery voltage and capacity to shift requirement, and truck capacity and size to working environment.

The units are manufactured in Italy and sold mainly to Europe, where the use of electrically power vehicles has been predominant over the past decade. They have for a long time faced run away fuel prices.

Lencrow Group has embraced the concept of all of life cost, which Carer has been advocating for many years. Customers are quick to look at the purchase price being the big cost of unit ownership.

The Carer promotes the power of clean energy, and certainly from the workplace environment, the idea of no air or noise pollution makes a lot of sense.

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