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Leda-Vannaclip offers concrete barriers to sustain vehicle impact

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Pre-cast concrete barriers form a critical part to any security solution requiring the need for barriers to sustain vehicle impact while maintaining a high degree of aesthetic acceptance.

Pre-cast concrete barriers offered by Leda-Vannaclip come in a variety of shapes, textures and colours. Leda-Vannaclip’s pre-cast concrete barriers are grouped into 3 main lines:

  • Pre-cast concrete barrier logs
  • Pre-cast concrete planter boxes
  • Pre-cast concrete barriers
While impact resistance is achieved through the mass of the concrete barriers, higher impact resistance can be achieved by using high-strength steel locating pins (patent pending) and keyed into the pavement.

Installation is simple through concrete core drilling.

Concrete barriers also have the added advantage of being cost-effective portable barriers suitable to be used as part of a temporary or permanent security installation solution. All pre-cast concrete barriers are steel reinforced, and engineered to provide maximum impact attacks.

Applications of Pre-cast concrete barriers:

  • Shopping malls
  • Public areas and squares
  • Government building forecourts
  • Defence sites.

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