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Leda-Vannaclip install perimeter security equipment

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Leda-Vannaclip  have installed perimeter security equipment at remote sites where supply of standard 240V electricity and data cables are not feasible due to the presence of terrain. Some of the areas, where Leda-Vannaclip have set up the perimeter security equipment include:

  • secure sites, such as car parks in nature reserves and limited-access mining areas.
  • industrial warehousing facilities and retail factory outlets where the main gates are operated once in the morning and closed after hours.
  • sites with a number of underground services, which involve the construction of complex and careful civil work.
  • sites requiring seamless plug and play replacements or retrofits of ageing control systems / hardware with new ones. The replacements are necessary on sites affected by traffic conditions that can cause business disruptions.
  • sites, where installation and maintenance of equipment can be undertaken by non-electricians.

Key concerns, such as power storage limitation, control panel reliability and an over-dependence on direct sunlight have limited the progress in the development of solar power technology. Leda-Vannaclip have developed a single operating platform capable of utilising simple, low voltage motor and highly efficient control system that can operate on low amounts of energy.

Leda-Vannaclip have manufactured highly efficient charging batteries through the solar panel, which is not reliant on direct sunlight. Leda-Vannaclip have invested in the development of perimeter security products and have been working in the area of solar powered equipment on low voltage.

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