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Magnetic particle inspection benches from Lectromax Australia

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Lectromax Australia  specialises in non destructive test equipment such as bench units, portable power packs, blacklights, hand held yokes, mobile power packs and magnetising coils.

Lectromax Australia manufactures a wide range of high quality magnetic particle inspection benches for various industrial applications. The Lectromax range is designed for the aerospace and aircraft overhaul industries while the Magmaster range is designed for the automotive rework, engine reconditioning and performance trades.

The Lectromax 1500 is a high intensity 125W black light unit which is specifically designed for non destructive testing in conjunction with fluorescent penetrants and fluorescent magnetic fluids.

The Lectromax 2000 crack detector is a high performance yoke type magnetiser which is ideally suited for detecting surface and subsurface cracks on all types of ferrous parts.

Lectromax Australia supplies portable crack detection equipment and demagnetising coils and metal detectors. The Lectromax 500M series are mobile magnetising power packs which are compact and ruggedly constructed for field applications, while the Lectromax 500p series are portable magnetising power plants which are particularly suited for rapid in situ inspection on a wide range of components.

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