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Emulsifiers, removers and dry magnetic powders from Lectromax Australia

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Lectromax Australia  manufactures non destructive test equipment which includes Current Test Set, Shot Timer, Residual Field Indicators, Ring Specimen, Centrifugal Tube, Braided Contact Pads, Contact Prods and Clamps, Magnetising Cable, Magnetic Flux Indicators and Dry Powder Puffers. Lectromax Australia supplies its products to both national and international markets.

Current Test Set is a digital current test set which is used to check accuracy of ammeter systems fitted to magnetic particle inspection equipment, while Shot Timer is a digital timer which is used to check accuracy of period of magnetising shots. Residual Field Indicators is used to check the level of residual magnetic field after demagnetising, while Centrifugal Tube is used to measure magnetic particle concentration in inspection fluids.

For magnetic particle inspection, Lectromax Australia supplies oil-based fluorescent products such as Premixed, Dry Concentrate and Carrier Fluid, while the water-based fluorescent products include Premixed, Dry Concentrate, Water Conditioner and Corrosion Inhibitor.

Other consumables products include red, black, yellow and grey dry magnetic powders, water washable penetrant, post emulsifiable penetrant, water base penetrant, lypophilic emulsifiers and hydrophilic emulsifiers, solvent and alkaline pre-cleaners, hydrophilic and solvent removers, powder, water soluble, water suspendable and non aqueous fluorescent penetrant process.

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