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Water monitoring and analysis vital to environment integrity

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Determining water quality and quantity employing water monitoring instruments is central to the integrity of the environment.

In addition to ensuring availability of sufficient water for drinking and agricultural applications, water monitoring also determines the suitability of the water for any specific purpose by assessing water quality.

Water quality describes the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water and environmental water quality relates to water bodies such as lakes, rivers and oceans.

Water quality standards for surface waters vary significantly due to different environmental conditions, ecosystems and intended human use. Water quality is a very complex subject because water is a complex medium intrinsically tied to the ecology of the Earth. Industrial and commercial activity is a major cause of water pollution in addition to runoff from agricultural areas, urban stormwater runoff and discharge of treated and untreated sewage into water resources.

Standards regulate substances that potentially affect human health, ecosystems, wildlife and endangered species. While setting these standards, agencies make political and technical/scientific decisions about how the water will be used. Different uses raise different concerns, which influence different standards.

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