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Three new gas analysers for process monitoring, from Lear Siegler Australasia

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Lear Siegler Australasia , in conjunction with Control Instruments, are proud to introduce three gas analysers for process monitoring, set to increase productivity, maintain product quality, reduce downtime, and prevent product loss or accidents.

The first gas analyser is the the Model 650 FID Total Hydrocarbon Analyser. This analyser is fully heated up to 200˚C and the sample probe runs from the sensor directly into the process without exposure to ambient temperatures, therefore eliminating line clogging. The complete system mounts directly to the process wall or ductwork and remote access is simple with the built in 4-20mA analog output.

The second gas analyser is the PrevEx Flammability Analyser, designed to measure flammable gases, vapours, inert atmospheres, elevated temperatures and mixtures of multiple solvents in low oxygen. Industrial processes contain compounds that condense and contaminate a sensor, the PrevEx Flammability Analyser has a corrosion resistant heated sample train through which the sample is delivered and condensation is eliminated.

The final gas analyser is the Model 690 BTU Calorific Analyser, which directly measures the calorific value of gases while providing uniform response to a wide variety of combustibles. Consider advanced combustion equipment such as a flare stack, boiler, oxidiser or turbine engine which may burner efficiency optimisation for reduced fuel costs. A waste gas stream can supplement the fuel supply to achieve proper combustion while saving costs.

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