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Thermo Scientific’s SO3 Absorption Gas Analyser to be available from Lear Siegler Australasia

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article image Blue plume caused by SO3 formation

Thermo Scientific is in the process of developing an SO3 absorption gas analyser that employs the most efficient technique for SO3 monitoring and detection.  

SO3 formation has several undesirable consequences for equipment and emissions at coal-fired power plants.  

Corrosion, fouling and plugging of plant equipment is a direct outcome of high concentrations of SO3.  

Additionally, SO3 formation also impacts plant emissions by reacting with moisture to form fine droplets of sulphuric acid at the stack exit, leading to a blue plume.  

These consequences present the requirement for a reliable and accurate monitoring method.  

Thermo Scientific has been carrying out studies on various SO3 detection techniques in the laboratory and the field to determine the measurement method that yields the best detection limit and optimum selectivity.  

An SO3 absorption gas analyser utilising a Quantum Cascade (QC) laser has been found to be the best measurement method.  

There will be a variety of sample handling and measurement configurations for the SO3 analyser such as extraction, cross-duct and in-situ methods.  

After the evaluation of the results and challenges associated with each sampling method, Thermo Scientific believes that the approach of extraction, dilution as well as control of temperature and pressure of the sample will allow them to meet the requirements of the industry.  

Thermo Scientific will continue to develop their SO3 CEMS through to the end of 2010 with prototype designs comprising of an extraction probe, SO3 calibrator and a QC laser gas analyser.  

The company plans to develop a reliable and sensitive SO3 absorption gas analyser by evaluating the design on full scale boilers while burning different types of fuels and positioning the system downstream of various control devices.  

Lear Siegler Australasia will bring the SO3 CEMS to Australian and New Zealand customers as soon as the product is launched in the market.

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