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TEOM series 1405 ambient particulate monitoring line from Lear Siegler

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Lear Siegler, in conjunction with Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has released TEOM series 1405 for ambient particulate monitoring, featuring modernised electronics and a touch-screen user interface packaged into a single cabinet.

The TEOM series 1405 addresses the need to provide accurate PM-2.5, PM-10 and PM-Coarse measurements as defined in new U.S. EPA standards and methods.

Furthermore, the product line, which replaces the TEOM 1400ab monitor enables users to achieve multiple measurements in a single, cost effective instrument.

The TEOM series 1405 is offered in 4 models providing 1 to 3 measurements: PM-10, PM 2.5 (Fine), and PM-Coarse (PM10-2.5).

In addition to providing PM measurements, customers can choose to add a Filter Dynamic Measurement System (FDMS) option to account for the volatile and semi-volatile fraction.

Thermo Scientific models include:

  • TEOM 1405 Ambient Particulate Monitor
  • TEOM 1405-F Ambient Particulate Monitor with FDMS
  • TEOM 1405-D Dichotomous Ambient Particulate Monitor
  • and TEOM 1405-DF Dichotomous Ambient Particulate Monitor with FDMS

Each model in the series is delivered with a network-ready configuration and innovative user interface that allows quick access to system, data, settings and instrument conditions. The system’s default data output consists of a running 1-hour and 24-hour average mass concentration updates every six minutes and averaging times are user programmable from 30 minutes to 23 hours for the FDMS versions.

The standard TEOM versions can be brought down to 10 minute averages depending on the application. The inherent fast response and accuracy of the TEOM technology is there in all models.

With this new ambient particulate monitoring line Lear Siegler can offer customers more options, easier operation and a comprehensive measuring capability.

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