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Portable infra-red ambient air analyser

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MIRAN SapphIRe filter-based, single beam spectrophotometer, available from Lear Siegler , is a versatile multi-gas detection system. It is a three function instrument in one package.

It has the ability to measure at different wavelengths; the ability to measure multiple gases and compensate for interfering gases; and the ability to perform a spectral scan of the gas plus identification of unknown gases (hazardous gases).

Applications include:

* Hospital gas -- anaesthetics and nitrous -- monitoring; identification of leaks on anesthetic delivery systems.

* Medical air purity testing /check for CO, C02, carbon monoxide, dioxide, hydrocarbons, halocarbons.

* Formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde monitoring -- 0.11ppm detection level.

* Real-time detection of vapours.

* Sick Building Syndrome.

* Indoor Air Quality; spot measurement of CO, C02, formaldehyde, organic vapours.

* Emergency Response Analysis; qualifying hazardous spills and emissions with instant answer. Gives lab grade results on the scene, leading to quicker and more accurate decisions.

* Easily operated even while wearing Class A HAZMAT suit.

* Aviation jet and rocket fuels testing.

* Fume Hood verification.

* Identificaton of unwanted gases around many types of process equipment.

* Remediation of 'clean soils'; aid in identification of buried drums.

Each model has user definable library space for 10 single gas and 10 multi-gas applications.

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