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Portable high-performance mercury analyser

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THE PM-2 Mercury Sniffer, available from Lear Siegler , was developed by Nippon Instruments in response to measuring mercury gas concentrations in the Amazon River basin.

The applications for the PM-2 include:

· On-site measurement and monitoring of general environmental atmosphere.

· Working environments (sites of chlorine and caustic soda plants, various fluorescent tube plants, mines, chemical lab, hospital, thermometer maker, dental technician's room, etc.).

· Resource investigation, soil gas, volcanic gas.

· Others: where mercury is used and its use poses a problem - semiconductor plant, spaceship assembling site.

· Analysis in ppt order of mercury in liquid (such as rain water).

The PM-2 can serve as a no-man continuous monitor by setting the auto mode.

For mid-air measurement by hanging the PM-2 from a balloon and for measurement in a contaminated area, a wireless remote start unit is available (optional).

On-site measurement of trace mercury contained in a liquid sample also can be made by reduction-aeration, gold-amalgamation method (optional).

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