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LEAR Siegler Australasia has released the TEI 580S 11 air analyser. It is a portable organic vapour meter with photo ionisation detection for broad spectrum gas detection and measurement.

The device is a non-destructive detector, samples can be collected for further analysis as it leaves the instrument. It is useful for process equipment leak detection, testing leaking underground storage tanks, head space measurement and detection of contaminated soil and water.

Applications include chemical incidence, spill and emergency response and arson and drug lab investigation. It also has a number of environmental applications in surveys and fugitive emissions programs as well as industrial hygiene monitoring.

The unit requires no support gases and will operate for eight hours on a fully charged battery. It displays simultaneous real-time measurement and displays the value of a peak at the press of a button.

Methane interference is eliminated with a minimum detectable reading of 0.1ppm. It has large, water-proof keys that can be easily operated while wearing gloves and may be operated one-handed. The housing is made of chemically resistant plastic for trouble free cleanup.

EZ Connect software allows the downloading of data with the click of button, allowing complete data logging and easy report writing. It is rated for hazardous environments with visible and audible alarms when limits are exceeded . Peak and STEL levels are user definable. It features an automobile charger adapter.


LEAR Siegler Australasia 02 9531 5444

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