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Polyurethane foam sampling system

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THE LSA Flow-Set PUF (polyurethane foam) sampler from Lear Siegler is a complete air sampling system designed to simultaneously collect suspended airborne particulates as well as trap airborne organic vapours at flow rates up to 280 litres per minute.

A dual chambered aluminium sampling module contains both filtering systems.

The upper chamber supports the airborne particulate filter media in a circular filter holder. The lower chamber encapsulates a glass cartridge which contains the polyurethane foam for vapour entrapment.

A wide variety of sorbents can be used in a manner that permits their continual use. Polyurethane foam or wet/dry granular solid media can be used individually or in combination.

The dual chambered sampling module is designed for easy access to both upper and lower media. The threaded lower canister is removed with the cartridge intact for immediate exchange.

Filter support screens and module components are equipped with gaskets providing a leak-proof seal during the sampling process.

The sampler includes:

· True mass-flow sensor - no need for temperature and pressure compensation.

· Data logger incorporated for flowrate and temperature.

· Low energy consumption - because motor load is determined by the filter load and not by mechanical restrictions.

· Low wear and long life because of low load - the vacuum pump has been proven in power stations at full load around the clock for many years. The absence of other mechanical or moving parts eliminates problems found in some products.

· Secure casing - preventing dust and water ingress while permitting easy access for service.

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