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Partisol-Plus sequential air sampler available from Lear Siegler

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The Partisol-Plus sequential air sampler from Lear Siegler contains a filter exchange that has proven reliable under intense meteorological conditions.

The Partisol-Plus sequential air sampler is a multi-filter sampler (up to 16 filters) that performs automatic exchanges according to a user defined sampling schedule.

The device contains the other distinctive flow control and user interface features found in the other members of the Partisol family of air samplers.

Additionally, user can choose to configure the sampler with an optional modem or optional wind vane/anemometer for conditional air sampling.

The Partisol-Plus sequential air sampler draws a particulate-laden air stream through a size-selective or total suspended particulate (TSP) inlet and then through a 47mm diameter filter.

A variety of filter materials is available in this size. A built-in pump provides the vacuum required to pull the air flow through a sample filter and a mass flow controller.

The Partisol-Plus sequential air sampler measures, averages and stores the ambient temperature, pressure and relative humidity.

In addition, a connector allows for the attachment of a wind vane/anemoter or the DustScan module. When equipped with an option wind vane/anemometer, the sampler also computes the average wind speed, as well as the vector-averaged wind velocity and wind direction.

The optional DustScan device uses light-scattering technology to generate real-time trending information of the particulate matter concentration.

It has the same internal diameter as the sample tube to avoid particle losses and provides information that is automatically averaged and stored.

Filter exchange on the Partisol-Plus sequential air sampler is performed using pneumatic pressure from the sample pump and does not involve any special electromechanical components, belts or motors.

Filter cassette magazines ensure sample integrity, allowing users to avoid the handling of individual cassettes in the field and a cap placed over the end of the magazine protects the sample filters during transport.

The Partisol-Plus sequential air sampler stores operational data in diagnostic, filter-based and time-based data buffers. User can access logged information through the user interface or a built-in RS232 connector.

The communications port allows bi-directional information exchange with a PC or palmtop computer, or with a remote computer through the installation of an optional internal modem with a wide temperature range.

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