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OIW-EX series of Oil in Water Monitors from Lear Siegler Australasia

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Advanced Sensors, represented by Lear Siegler Australasia in Australia, has introduced OIW-EX series of Oil in Water Monitors. The OIW-EX series is designed to operate in hazardous environments and provide consistent, accurate and uninterrupted measurements.

The dynamic self cleaning capabilities of the OIW-EX series make it maintenance free. Using ultrasonic technology the OIW-EX series provide a consistent reliable measurement environment negating the need for flow mechanisms, mechanical mixers, chemical additives or human intervention.

The OIW-EX series can detect oil concentrations from low ppb to 2000ppm. Measured values are recorded every second in the data logs and displayed graphically and numerically on the display.

The OIW-EX series is network ready with on-board operating system and variety of communication interfaces, enabling quick and efficient integration of the OIW-EX product range into any network infrastructure.

Several OIW-EX Oil in Water Monitors connected internet facilitates remote access, control and diagnostics which in turn allows multi-site monitoring of all OIW-EX Oil-in-Water Monitors.

The features of the OIW-EX series are:

  • Maintenance free: self cleaning
  • Enhanced range: 0 – 2000ppm
  • Total detection: full scan spectrometer (optional)
  • Datalogging: 10 year of storage

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