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THE Mercury MD-1.MA-1S from Nippon Instrument Corporation (NIC) and available in Australia from Lear Siegler , is an automatic mercury analyser. A gold amalgamation method by heating decomposition with ceramic tube and boat is adopted.

Any sample (solid, liquid, gas) can be rapidly analysed with no sample pretreatment procedure and with high sensitivity and precision.

NIC believes the key to total mercury analysis is to enhance the thermal decomposition-gold amalgamation method. This is achieved in a system which combines carefully configured ceramics-based hardware with proven software.

All operations from the sample decomposing process to the mercury detection after feeding a sample are automatically carried out with the MA-1S.

The fed sample is decomposed by heating. Only mercury vapour in the gaseous products is collected in the mercury collector (Diatomite grain coated with gold) as gold amalgam.

Mercury is set free as atomic mercury by heating the mercury collector and is detected at the absorption cell by the cold vapour atomic absorption.

The mercury collector can be used again after setting the mercury free and being cooled. To eliminate the bad influence of gaseous products other than mercury on the atomic absorption analysis, temperature biased two-steps collecting process is adopted.

As a result, the mercury vapour is refined and only pure mercury vapour passes through the absorption cell.

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