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Low cost moisture measurement instruments

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MICHELL Instruments, European manufacturer of hygrometers and associated instrumentation and systems, has pushed the price/performance envelope for process and industrial hygrometers still further with the launch of an innovative range of products.

Called Easidew, the new range offers a high level of accuracy and repeatability at low cost, enabling both on-line and off-line measurement of the moisture content of gases to be carried out quickly, simply and reliably, in applications where cost or system complexity would otherwise have been an issue.

Easidew is essentially a simple, functional range of products that has been introduced to help both first time and experienced users alike realise the benefits of accurate moisture measurement, including enhanced product or process quality, greater productivity and minimum downtime.

Typically, this will be in applications where it is unnecessary to read extreme levels of dew point -- below -100°C -- such as monitoring the quality of compressed air in factories and car plants, medical gases, breathing air for the fire services, and so on.

The new Easidew hygrometers are based on Michell Instruments' innovative C2TX interchangeable ceramic sensor technology, which has been proven to give fast response times and excellent levels of repeatability while being more rugged than other types of moisture measurement sensors.

At the heart of each product is the basic Easidew Transmitter, which is available as a stand alone instrument. Fast and reliable, the transmitter offers a wide measurement range of -100°C to +20°C dew-point, with 12-28V dc excitation.

The Easidew on-line hygrometer combines a transmitter and monitor unit, with a four digit LCD display, suitable for panel mounting, plus an analogue output and alarm relay.

For on-the-spot measurement of the moisture content of process gases and compressed air, the Easidew Portable is supplied in a tough, lightweight carrying case and is fully self-contained, with integrated sampling system, filter and long-life, rechargeable batteries.

It also accepts standard C-type cells, should the rechargeable batteries run down in the field. The Easidew product range is completed by a special version for OEM applications. Lear Siegler 02 9531 5444.

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