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LiquiSonic process analysers from Lear Siegler Australasia

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SensoTech is a supplier of process analysers for liquids. The LiquiSonic systems, available from Lear Siegler Australasia, are used to reduce costs and to increase the safety of industrial processes.

LiquiSonic systems also monitor and control liquids in intake lines, reactors, filters, scrubbers, heat exchanges, waste lines, basins and almost anywhere liquid flows.

The principle of operation in the LiquiSonic process analysers is sonic velocity. Sonic velocity analysers have no moving parts and therefore there is no long time degradation of their mechanical properties.

Other typical applications are as follows:

  • Measuring of concentration - concentration and density measurement
  • Phase separation - phase interface detection
  • Polymerisation - monitoring of the polymerisation process
  • Crystallisation - determination of the saturation and crystallisation temperature determination of supersaturation

LiquiSonic process analysers are used in the areas of chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food industry, brewery, diary and beverages, semiconductor industry, electronics and PCB production and metals.

A typical LiquiSonic system consists of one or more sensors and the controller. SensoTech offers a broad range of sensors, to optimise any kind of process and application demand.

Whether your application demands rough environmental conditions, aggressive process parameters, high temperatures or rated pressures, explosion approvals, sterile demands or other specific approvals, SensoTech have the right answer to any of your requirements.

The controller is the interface between the operator and the sensor. SensoTech controller technology supplies organised display functions, intuitive operating capabilities as well as simple configuration procedures. Various digital interface options ensure simple device integration in any control system.

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