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Industrial hygiene TVA1000B toxic vapor analyzer released

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The TVA1000B is a benchmark for experience and reliability in Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

The TVA1000B is the only over the shoulder Portable Vapor analyzer that offers both PID/FID in a single, easy to use instrument.The ability to utilise both technologies in this field proven instrument provides benefits in reduced weight and a single use interface. The user can easily monitor and log inorganic and organic vapors simultaneously.

FID detection
Users can measure a wide variety of organic vapors over an impressive dynamic range (0-50,000 ppm), monitoring some compounds that the PID will not detect. The flame ionization detector operates by breaking hydrocarbon bonds and is not limited by the ionization potential of the molecule.

Simultaneous FID/PID detection
No other instrument offers both Photo Ionization and Flame Ionization Detection operating simultaneously in a single portable vapor analyzer. Dual detection eliminates the time, expense and trouble of purchasing and maintaining two separate analyzers.

With PID detection, the user has not only the ability to monitor for organic compounds, but also can detect many inorganic compounds. Some compounds detected by PID and not FID are ammonia, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, formaldehyde, and hydrogen sulfide. The PID also has the advantage of not requiring fuel or air to operate. In anaerobic environments, the TVA1000B PID can be used.

Applications fugitive emissions monitoring
The unique dual detector FID/PID design can handle a wide range of compound vapors present at processing plants. The TVA1000B will permit monitoring at lower ppm levels. Emergency response for reliable measurements of hazardous spills or emissions, the TVA1000B responds quickly in an emergency. The ability to quickly detect the presence of hot spots is key to locating the source of the hazard.

Hazardous waste site evaluation
The TVA1000B allows quick and easy identification of the hazard location and quantifies the level of contamination. Underground Storage Tanks the TVA1000B is a primary tool for determining if a UST is leaking and the extent of the contamination.

Industrial Hygiene
The TVA1000B can help you maximise the effectiveness of plant ventilation system, and identifies trouble spots. Use it to survey ambient vapor levels in specific breathing zones or in general plant environments, and log for further follow-up action.

Natural gas leak detection
The TVA1000B enables quick and easy detection of natural gas leaks.

Key features
Simultaneous FID/PID or single FID detector(s)
Portable and lightweight
Multiple response factors and curves
Multi-point calibration
On-board data logging
8 hour battery life probe options
Standard probe display measurement values on a 4-character LCD, with measurement units displayed on %, ppm, or ppb. Additionally, a bar graph indicator provides an indication of concentration level. Function keys allow selection of analyzer functions.
Enhanced Probe Originally designed for Fugitive Emissions monitoring, the enhanced probe has a larger display area than the basic probe. This Enhanced Probe Originally provides a display of up to 6 lines x 20 characters, plus a double height concentration value. Enhanced Probe Originally displays all the same information as the standard probe and has menu-driven access to many of the analyzer functions, allowing them to be easily initiated and/or changed at the probe.

TVA1000B Data Manager Accessory: Route Management Probe Powerful field capabilities
The TVA1000B Data Manager allows users to modify or create route data in the field, eliminating the need for manual recording of data. This helps you comply with the electronic data storage requirements within most consent decrees. The new probe has a highly visible 360 degree LED with a pulsed rate linked to concentration.

The DataManager provides access to all of the features previously available only through the sidepack. Users can also easily search and navigate between tags in a route by simply entering the desired tag identifier. Flexibility and control The DataManager allows control of how data is viewed and accessed in the field. This allows the user to
customise the view to meet the monitoring needs at the facility, as each route may have different fields and screen displays. Fields may be designated as non-editable to enhance data integrity and database security. An optional comment field allows the user to make electronic notes about each tag monitored. An alpha-numeric keypad makes data entry a snap.

Key features for the DataManager
Custom field labels for more clearly identified route information
Definable screen layouts optimise user efficiency
Pick lists lead to consistent data entry and minimize chance of data entry errors
One button selections to access most commonly used functions
New sample probe provides 360 degree visual indicator of concentration level
Cable management system eliminates snagging sample line and electronic cable
Existing TVA1000 units may be upgraded
Enhanced filtering system removes dirt and water more efficiently.

Analyzer bag protects TVA1000 and may be used with standard shoulder strap or optional framed backpack ThermoConnect Software ThermoConnect enables users of the TVA1000B to transfer, display, analyse, and configure data from the instrument using a computer.

ThermoConnect is windows based and facilitates the importing of data into other Windows based applications making it easier to retrieve logged data. Added capability to maximise the TVA DataManager’s features ThermoConnect has been updated with a powerful new utility to create new route database template files. This utility allows to easily build own route database and design the screen appearance through a four-step process. Also, any existing route files in the old file format are still recognised by the TVA and may be upgraded to the new format.

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