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Gas analyser for continuous monitoring

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THE Model 42C-LS analyser from Lear Siegler combines superior optical, mechanical and chemical characteristics of its predecessors with an enhanced electronics package and user interface.

Extended troubleshooting diagnostics now provide instantaneous indication of instrument operating parameter status including: sample pressure, dc supply voltages, internal temperature, reaction chamber temperature, PMT operating voltage, and converter temperature.

The use of chemiluminescence to detect NO/NOX, has shown itself to be an excellent gas monitoring method. Using this underlying technology, TEI has developed a family of NO/NOX, analysers that can be tailored for many environments.

However, the advent of gas-fired turbines places a new demand on NOX analysers - resulting in the need for an instrument optimised for 2-200ppm and designed to operate within the constraints of the gas-fired turbine exhaust stream.

Key features:

· Dual Range 0-2 and 0-200ppm.

· Designed to meet EPA low NOX regulations.

· Optimised to minimise interferences.

· Long life stainless steel converter.

· Internal pump and proprietary ammonia scrubber for SCR and SNCR applications

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