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Flow set High Volume Sampler from Lear Siegler Australasia

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This design, now available from Lear Siegler ,  provides many significant advantages over previous units including:

  •  Constant air flow - maintained well within 1% of the preset flow rate in normal operating conditions.
  •  True mass-flow sensor - no need for temperature and pressure corrections.
  •  Low energy consumption - because motor load is determined by the filter load and not by mechanical restrictions.
  •  Low wear and long life because of low load - the vacuum pump has been proven in power stations at full load around the clock for many years. The absence of other mechanical or moving parts eliminates problems found insome products.
  •  Low noise, quiet running - does not attract attention or annoy neighbours.
  •  Soft start drives - ensuring the start current demand is kept at a very low level.
  •  User-friendly filter collection and replacement - no more struggling with fragile tissue on-site in bad weather. The unique removable filter support and transport cover allows filter loading and recovery in a protected laboratory environment without risk of losing the sample.
  •  Secure casing - preventing dust and rain ingress while permitting easy access for service.The flow set incorporates well-proven PM10 and PM2.5 Heads allowing it to sample a variety of particle sizes. The heads have been wind tunnel tested to ensure accurate cut points.  

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