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Fine particulate chemical speciation sampler

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ANDERSEN Instruments RAAS2.5 fine particulate chemical speciation sampler is useful for emission inventories, air quality model evaluation, source emission analysis and determining the success of emission control programs.

Available from Lear Siegler , the RAAS2.5400 quantifies mass concentrations and simultaneously identifies significant fine particle constituents including trace elements, sulphates, nitrates, ammonium, carbon and other targeted species important to local and regional issues.

Features include:

* LCD display.

* Up to six individually controlled flow paths accommodate 48L/m flowrate for lowest minimum detectable limit.

* Flow splitter.

* Easy access for calibrations.

* Humidity sensor.

* Data transfer by palm-sized Datalink Retrieval System or modem.

* Easy to use touch pad software for set-up, programming and calibrations.

* Modular sampling train. Simple, accessible with PTFE and glass liner components.

* Can be configured for regional surveillance needs.

* Two well characterised AIHL, PM2.5 cyclones are the particle size separators.

* Wind speed and direction input capability.

* Flow manifold assembly. Includes critical orifice and flow monitor.

The RAAS2.5400 utilises the microprocessor-based, menu driven control and data recording system common to the entire family of Andersen Instruments FRM RAAS series samplers.

The RAAS2.5400 monitors and records ambient, manifold and enclosure temperatures, barometric and pump vacuum pressures, humidity, optional wind speed, wind direction and flow rates for each individual channel.

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