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Continuous monitorng of mercury emissions

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THE Mercury Monitor DM-5 from Lear Siegler is for continuous monitoring of mercury in stack gas, particularly for incinerators.

This analyser consists of two devices - the pre-treatment unit with probe, and the mercury detector unit.

These two devices are portable and ready to measure by connecting to each other with a Teflon tube (not heated).

Mercury compounds, like HgCl2, exist in the sample gas stream as well as elemental mercury. The mercury compounds are reduced to elemental mercury by contacting with solid-state reduction catalyst.

Subsequently, the gas with elemental mercury is dried and then carried to the detector through non-heated Teflon tube to be continuously measured by cold-vapour atomic absorption.

Key features:

· No wet chemistry.

· Uses solid-state catalyst.

· No heated transfer pipe.

· Suitable for power plant and incinerator monitoring.

· Wide dynamic range with high sensitivity: 0.1μg/m3 - 1mg/m3.

· Automatic calibration.

· Displays both current and average values.

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