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Combustion efficiency monitor available from Lear Siegler

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Lear Siegler ’s Teom Series 4200 automated combustion efficiency monitor (CEM) provides the data necessary to optimize combustion efficiency in real time.

Continuous carbon in fly ash monitor

Isokinetic Sampling

Direct Analysis Technique

Results Not Affected by Coal Type

The Series 4200 industrially hardened analyser accomplishes its task by automatically measuring the amount of residual carbon in fly ash and makes this information available to plant personnel.

The carbon in ash test performed by the monitor is similar to methods carried out in plant laboratories.

Carbon-in-ash is a key indicator of combustion efficiency at coal-fired power plants.

The Series 4200 monitor provides a direct, efficient approach to automating this type of measurement through its sampling and analysis procedures.

The sampling of particulate matter from the flue is performed isokinetically.

The analysis uses direct mass and carbon measurement techniques to determine the fly ash carbon content.

The analysis results are independent of coal type of combustion additives generated with high reliability and minimal maintenance.

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