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CalorVal BTU Analyser Used for BTU Measurements of Waste Fuel

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Lear Siegler Australasia  is an Australian-owned company specialising in environmental technology and process control solutions.  

Lear Siegler Australasia installed a CalorVal BTU analyser for a customer engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of machinery for decomposing petroleum-based materials.  

The client company used microwave technology for recovering hydrocarbons and fossil fuels from sources such as tyres, oil shale, capped wells, coal, automotive shredded residue, municipal solid waste, shale deposits and waste oil streams.  

The process involved shredding and placing different products such as rubber, plastic, horse manure and chicken fat among others on a conveyor belt in batches.  

Passed through a microwave furnace, the materials are bombarded with microwaves at high frequencies. Any condensable goes through a condenser and is left with a liquid and/or gas fuel sample.    

These fuel gases are mostly methane and hydrogen with some amounts of propane, propylene and butane. This fuel is then used as a source of energy for other processes in the plant.  

The customer was employing onboard gas chromatography and a mass flow meter spectrometer to determine the BTU of their batched sample product.  

Preferring online, real-time measurement with a calorimeter-type analyser, the customer wanted to determine the BTU content at any given time so their customers would know the fuel energy of their samples.  

Key features of the CalorVal BTU analyser: 

  • Completely burns the sample to provide a direct measure of Total Calorific Value
  • Designed for real-time readings with response time of less than 5 seconds
  • Universal Calibration feature provides a highly uniform response to a wide variety of gases and solvents regardless of sample stream content
  • Measurement range is typically from 900 to 2200 BTU/SCF depending on the material being gasified

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