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THE Mercury SP-3D is an automatic mercury analyser. Two steps gold amalgamation method by heating decomposition with ceramic tube and boat is adopted.

Any sample (solid, liquid, gas) can be rapidly analysed with no sample pre-treatment procedure and with high sensitivity and precision.

The Mercury SP-3D contains three main blocks, Mercury Atomiser (MA), MA Controller (MA-I) and Mercury Detector (MD-I).

The MA decomposes analytical samples by heating to separate mercury from the gaseous products. The separated mercury is sent to the MD-I where the cold vapour atomic absorption method is applied for determination of its amount.

Digital display of the MD-I displays amount of mercury contained in weight (ng) and mercury concentration in ppb, ppm, ng/m3.

It is only necessary to press the 'START' switch after feeding a sample into the MA to obtain the result.

The key to total mercury analysis is to enhance the thermal decomposition-gold amalgamation method. This is achieved in a system which combines carefully configured ceramics-based hardware with proven software.

Results obtained with this system will equal or surpass the performance of highly skilled and experienced analysts who employ other methods. Even a novice will achieve superior results without lengthy training.

Careful, comprehensive design and testing of a complete and integrated system of hardware and software is essential if reliable results are to be achieved. Lear Siegler 02 9531 5444.

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