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Ambient fluoride sampler

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LEAR Siegler Australasia has developed an ambient fluoride sampler which complies with AS3580.13.2 1992.

The method calls for two types of fluoride sampling; gaseous and acid-soluble particulate. This can be achieved by using double filter paper sampling as per the standard.

With the aid of a Tecora Bravo H2 constant flow sampler and a specially made Teflon dual filter paper holder, Lear Siegler can offer a package to fully comply with the Australian Standard.

The unit comes in an environmental enclosure and can be made to suit the specific needs of our customers.

Various industries emit fluorides such as aluminium smelters, steel works, power stations, brick tile manufacturers, and superphosphate manufacturers.

Fluoride is the most Phytotoxic of the recognised air pollutants. Gaseous and particulate fluoride have differing Phytotoxicities and therefore must both be collected.

The two types of fluoride also affect plants and animals differently.

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