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Logistic solutions from Lean Logistics

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Lean Logistics  specialises in providing logistic solutions to make financial savings and productivity improvements. Lean Logistics offers a variety of solutions and products that analyse every contributing factor in the delivery, service or distribution process to determine better practise, lower cost and better productivity.

Lean Logistics offers various solutions such as increasing revenue and profitability, improving customer service, lowering total supply chain costs, reducing lead times, optimising agility and responsiveness and improving visibility to customers and clients. Lean Logistics is a division of Cordett International and Cordett (Asia Pacific).

Lean Logistics’ solutions are developed, using its clients’ data combined with industry benchmarking, to provide cost reduction, productivity improvement, competitive advantage and next generation transport, distribution and logistics optimisation.

Lean Logistics offers sophisticated optimisation for routes and distribution processes and provides systems to automate the analysis and scheduling options. This process helps in building the best daily distribution or activity routes for private or dedicated fleets and also helps in determining routing strategies, sales territories, service frequencies and fleet sizing as well as the ability to analyse cost, service, and profitability trade-offs.

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