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Unilever uses Le Mac sleeves for Bertolli Five Brothers Pasta Sauce

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Shopping in the pasta sauce category in the grocery channel is routine with most Australian households eating pasta sauce on a weekly basis.

Unilever’s recent promotional campaign releasing its Bertolli Five Brothers Pasta Sauce in a limited edition collector’s jar provided a village look and feel linking back to the home of Bertolli’s Nonnas, Lucca, the ancestral home of the brand.

As if produced and wrapped by the Bertolli Nonnas, the design which ran across all sku’s in the pasta sauce range, was inspired by a traditional home made look and feel through the use of hessian.

The story of the Bertolli Nonnas was bought to life in the TVs, magazines, the website and tailored customer specific promotional activities that ran in stores simultaneously.

It was also determined very early in the development phase of the promotion that the pasta sauce would be produced in the existing authentic glass jars, even though the sleeve would cover the signature tomato plant emboss.

Unilever’s existing audience know and love the jar and it was important to maintain the heritage, authenticity and existing brand cues.

The rich textural elements of the range of shrink sleeves maximised these cues, creating an emotional connection with the purchaser in order to break category norms and provide real stand out on shelf.

Unilever chose to use a Le Mac shrink sleeve from Le Mac Australia Group for this campaign. The shrink sleeved hessian design was the focal point of this campaign creating a reproduction of the original sauce pots wrapped in a hessian bag design with a pull tie string cord to seal the opening.

Integral to the design, the cord has not been pulled closed so that a section of the container’s contents is visible to the consumer, as if to wet their appetite and entice the purchase. Research showed consumers like to see what they are buying and the window had to be big enough to ensure that the viscosity of the product was clearly visible.

The Le Mac sleeves, printed on environmentally friendly PET film used an enhanced flexo process printed in eleven colours.

The hessian bag design was printed with a surface matt lacquer to create a rough tactile feel. In contrast, the front and back trademark Bertolli Five Brothers labels and the container itself visible through the opening of the bag, are left glossy.

The glimpse of sauce through the glass jar beneath the untied hessian bag shows creative and imaginative design.

Shrink sleeved jars differentiated the Bertolli Five Brothers range in this category and achieved maximum shelf presence, while the incorporation of the traditional front and back label design into the shrink sleeve maintains the traditional cues ensuring product recognition with existing Bertolli Five Brothers consumers.

There are twelve variants in the range with each clearly printed on the front label with photo process images of the main ingredients to distinguish the flavours and make consumer choice easy.

The back label contains all the mandatory nutritional and ingredient information as well as APN and directions for use.

Integral to this presentation of the front and back label was accurate application of the sleeve to the square jar within a very tight lateral positioning tolerance.

This was done using a Fuji Intersleeve applicator and steam tunnel on Unilever’s line after the filling station which was also supplied by Le Mac.

The limited edition design replaced the paper labelled jars across the range of twelve SKU’s in two jar sizes.

The purpose was to deliberately create brand awareness and value through the aesthetic enhancement of the pasta sauce range by linking it through sensory elements such as colour, texture and visual images to the category’s Italian heritage.

This emotional association created a sense of well being and tradition which enriched the purchaser far beyond the functional aspects of any of the other numerous pasta sauces on the supermarket shelves.

The limited edition jars were met with delight by consumers and retailers alike and were released into market at the end of May 2007.

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