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Insulation labels available from Le Mac

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Consumer convenience combines with technical know-how and some shapely new options in labelling along with high-tech visuals from Le Mac Australia Group .

Hot and cold insulation labels
Considered a smart package, the enhanced new Insul Shrink Sleeve and Wrap & Shrink labelling provides high performance, without adding bulk and provides quality graphics found with conventional labels.

Placing a polymer insulation between the two layers of film, labels are reverse printed with high density UV inks in up to ten colours using Le Mac’s “enhanced flexo technology.

Combined with an ideal shrink material designed to maximise the insulating properties of the package, bold colours and even metallic inks can be used in the design on the label to make it look enticing, giving the product a striking shelf presence.

Le Mac Australia offers three products for this application:

Hot microwavable containers are handled safely

  • Insul Sleeves offer thermal insulation and decoration over 360° of the surface of an irregular contour shaped container
  • Thermosheild labels using EPS material with the same thermal insulation and decoration qualities over 360° of the surface, of an irregular contour shaped container

When handling microwavable containers in convenience food packs, it is important to be able to safely handle the container by hand, when removing it from the microwave after heating.

Independent University studies have shown both these label materials offer insulation protection, so that containers labelled with them can be safely handled hot.

Cold drink containers are kept cooler for longer

  • Insul Shrink Sleeves improve the insulation of cold drinks keeping them colder longer

Using Le Mac’s Insul Sleeve, it is possible to keep cold drinks cooler for longer. The insulation properties of this label material have been shown in independent University studies to provide more that 30% improvement in the insulation of cold drinks.

Once chilled, this innovative technology keeps the contents colder for longer by preventing heat transfer from warm hands, condensation and external temperature.

The insulation forms a thin thermal barrier, making it more comfortable to hold and is convenient for leisurely consumption.

Le Mac’s Insul Shrink Sleeves are ideal, if you are looking for:

  • Insulation properties
  • High quality decoration to differentiate your product
  • Decoration of an unusual shaped container
  • 360 degree, top-to-toe decoration
  • Suitability for all substrates – metal, glass and plastic
  • Shelf impact

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