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Data logging equipment from Layson

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Layson  specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing data logging equipment. The data loggers are primarily aimed at Automated Meter Reading for electricity, gas, hot and cold water. However other data logging applications are catered for temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, liquid levels etc.

A typical Automated Meter Reading, from Layson, consists of one or more 8 or 32 channel data loggers hard wired to meters and sensors. All loggers are interconnected to a communication network. One data logger in the network is equipped with a PSTN, GPRS or GSM modem to offer remote data access to all loggers in the network. Layson Automated Meter Reading system can be used in high rise residential and office buildings, residential complexes, retirement villages, hotels and motels, shopping centres, fast food chains, schools, factories and any location with high density metering

Layson offers a range of equipment and services which includes 8 and 32 channel data loggers, modems for PSTN, GPRS and GSM, meters for electricity, gas, hot and cold water, cable for meter and communications wiring, cable tester, installation and commissioning of metering equipment, consultancy for metering systems and custom designed equipment.

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