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Stuart Alexander Goes Live on Lawson M3 7.1

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Lawson Software announced today that one of its long-standing existing customers, Stuart Alexander, a distributor and marketing specialist of a range of premium quality consumer goods across Australia and New Zealand, has gone live on the latest version of the Lawson ERP application, Lawson M3 7.1, which includes Lawson Smart Office.

Stuart Alexander is a privately owned Australian company. With headquarters in Ultimo, Sydney, its product and brand portfolio contains some of the world’s and Australia’s best-known and most highly reputed names including Mentos, Guylian, Werther’s, Fishermans Friend and Tabasco. Stuart Alexander has been a Lawson customer since 1999 when it first implemented the Lawson ERP system. Since then, the company has conducted two upgrades to maintain optimal business performance. With the latest upgrade to the Lawson M3 7.1 solution, several bespoke applications were replaced which the company had developed in conjunction with Lawson.

“Our vision is to be consumers’ first choice in Australasia, and as a brand marketer, we want to deliver the best brands the world has to offer. To compete in our market space, we need a robust ERP system to support this goal,” said Garry Browne, CEO of Stuart Alexander. “We’re very excited by the great opportunities that the new Lawson M3 7.1 solution will deliver. This includes enhanced functionality, tighter integration and improved user efficiency, as well as better alignment and control of the business overall.”

Benefits and functions of the Lawson M3 7.1:

  • This ERP software develops and supports distinct product lines to serve the unique needs and requirements of manufacturing and distribution sector
  • The ERP user interface on the software is both functional and fun to use
  • This ERP software will allow users to personalise their information workspace and bring together enterprise applications
  • This software allows users to bring together business intelligence
  • ERP software brings together desktop tools

“Stuart Alexander’s decision to upgrade to Lawson M3 7.1 including Smart Office and implement Lawson M3 Collaborator is testament to our ability to deliver food distribution companies flexible and comprehensive solutions that provide a tight fit around business needs,” said David Hope, general manager and regional managing director of Lawson Software, Asia Pacific, “The Lawson ERP solution will help Stuart Alexander deliver a successful and sustainable business for the future. We look forward to continuing our work with the company to assist it in reaching new levels of performance and helping it to further improve its competitive edge.”

The Lawson M3 7.1 ERP software allows the formation of group collaboration

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