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INTENTIA has developed a closed loop sales budgeting tool that is fully integrated into Movex Demand Planner. The tool is a key component of closed loop collaborative budgeting for the entire supply chain. It can reduce budgeting time by 50%.

The tool allows a multidimensional approach to budgeting that links the sales budget, production, and logistic resources with financial goals.

Sales budgets are entered directly into the system, with the added benefit that user-defined column values can be set in the budget model to define areas such as margins and key performance indicators that relate to the budget. Like a spreadsheet, each column replicates its relationship with other defined columns.

The Movex collaborative enterprise system acts as the transactional engine in closed loop budgeting. Information is taken from Movex into Movex Demand Planner to create the sales budget. This information is then taken into Movex Supply Chain Planner to simulate planning options and identify constraints on purchasing, production, and distribution.

The sales budget and constraints are then used to arrive at a consensus sales budget which is used to calculate the costs drivers and feed Movex Professional Planner for the profit and loss analysis. If the simulated model doesn’t meet required profit levels and return on capital employed, the whole process can be rerun using different parameters and cost drivers.

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