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Safe maintenance management solution

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INTENTIA has launched a major upgrade to its Movex Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) suite of collaborative enterprise applications that will give customers the ability to safely and securely develop and modify maintenance service routines offline, without affecting or disrupting any live service plans.

The new Service Revision Management application is ideal for businesses that are bound tightly by industry regulations and are legally required to track service revisions, or who need to monitor unauthorised changes to systems that, if made, could have a significant impact on equipment safety.

The new application allows users to maintain a comprehensive, undisrupted view of the history of changes to their basic service details, task instructions, material requirements, tools, skills requirements and scheduling details.

During the revision process, an electronic approval system tracks the current status of the changes and prompts with reminders if tasks are delayed. Once transferred to production, the existing service is automatically replaced by the new revision.

The application also includes comprehensive history and version control management capabilities. By using these features, users can keep track of all changes made to a maintenance service.

The controls also flow through to work orders so that in the face of potential problems, customers can track back to the exact revision modification under which the maintenance work would have been carried out.

The new functionality supports the already extensive options available to help customers manage assets, service history and the development of maintenance strategies through the suite's Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) application.

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