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Patties Foods harnesses Lawson Software Learning Accelerator

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Lawson Software , a global provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has announced that existing customer Patties Foods has implemented Lawson Learning Accelerator to train staff on Lawson software systems. 

Patties Foods has been a Lawson customer since 2005 following rapid organisational growth.  The company upgraded to Lawson M3 7.1 technology in 2008, which separated Lawson M3 applications from Lawson M3 technology, helping Patties Foods to future-proof its investment and avoid disruptive upgrades. 

The new Lawson Learning Accelerator solution will enable Patties Foods to create customised, role-based training simulations and documentation to help effectively train and introduce employees to new software systems and capabilities. 

“The beauty of Lawson Learning Accelerator is that it provides us with a single set of instructions and standard documentation that can be issued company wide,” said Zelko Erdec, general manager of information technology for Patties Foods. “Following an evaluation of other similar solutions on the market, Learning Accelerator proved to be  the most feature-rich, the most flexible and the most functionally comprehensive product available.” 

Lawson Learning Accelerator serves as a repository for training information, which can help staff members’ access information when they need a refresher on performing specific tasks within their software applications. Additionally, Lawson Learning Accelerator helps to streamline learning by focusing on the specific skills a person will need for their specific role. 

“Software implementations are significant investments,” said David Hope, general manager and regional managing director of Lawson Software, Asia Pacific. “No matter how much a customer spends on a system, success and return on investment ultimately depends on how well users learn to use the system. Learning Accelerator will help Patties Foods’ get the most from its investment in Lawson applications.” 

Patties Foods completed the implementation of Lawson Learning Accelerator in June 2009 after engaging in the Lawson Learning Accelerator JumpStart Program. The three-part JumpStart Program is an education curriculum that helps ensure effective adoption of Learning Accelerator and is designed to involve all key Lawson Learning Accelerator trainers right from the start. It also set positive expectations and productive timelines for Patties Foods, as well as maximising its software investment.

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