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Movex expands its horizons

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INTENTIA's new integrated functionality in Movex Collaboration Applications is set to create new possibilities within the service and maintenance sector.

Movex Collaboration Applications make it practical for companies to implement new concepts and become more effective in any way that were never before possible.

Intentia has expanded Movex, using its early investment in the aviation industry with its strict operability and safety requirements as a basis for further development.

Movex Collaboration Applications now include comprehensive solutions for service and maintenance processes and business for the entire transportation industry.

The transportation sector is currently undergoing a change that is spreading globally. The branch is being deregulated at an increasingly fast pace. International collaborations are creating new constellations, among both companies and authorities.

Another trend is the increased concentration on core operations, which is resulting in extensive outsourcing of a variety of functions.

"Because of its technical architecture, Movex is perhaps the most dynamic system in the world. We've developed Movex with the understanding that we live in an ever-changing world. A modern system should not be an obstacle to business development, it should instead create the right conditions for change," says Håkan Rosvall, IAC manager for Intentia's industry application centre MRO.

Movex Collaboration Applications were launched on September 25. With this new version of Movex, Intentia is now delivering on its vision of the collaborative economy. Intentia Australia 02 8437 5803.

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